Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 revisited

My initial reaction to 2010 is that I've had an eventful year, especially in its second half. As a reflective exercise, I've listed a few brief highlights (of sorts). Inspiration comes from Logan Mountstuart, protagonist in William Boyd's superb novel Any Human Heart, well dramatised this year by Channel 4. I've never been one for diaries. But at the end of each diary year, Boyd's Logan attempts to summarise his past twelve months, for good or ill, within the journal. With the aid of my own functional diary, I've decided to try something similar for 2010.

Joined "new entry" for the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR). 
Ellie and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Valentine's Day in Camden for lunch, London Zoo, dinner by St Katherine's dock, and drinks on Tower Bridge. I went on a weekend break to Center Parcs in Cumbria with Ellie's family. I also bought a laptop.
Won a 'story of the month' prize for my work at Incisive Media's I spent a week at home in Yarm 'cat-sitting' for Victor. I also bought a new iPhone.
Learnt to march (after some difficulty), on an RNR weekend in Portsmouth.
Went to Frankfurt (for work), covering a financial conference. I also began this blog.
Jogged lots, trying to get fit prior to going away for basic training in Plymouth.
Passed out from 2 weeks new entry training at HMS Raleigh (great fun) on July 16th.
Visited Ellie's family in Edinburgh. I also began the processes of moving jobs and flats. Had my iPhone stolen!
Ellie and I moved into our new home. I moved jobs just over a fortnight later, becoming deputy editor, Reactions, writing for the insurance industry at Euromoney. I also began walking to work: a nice perk. First ever IKEA furniture-buying trip.
Travelled to Colorado Springs for a week (work, again). Practised rifle drill, as well as joining candidate wardroom class.
Marched with RNR for the Lord Mayor's Show. I wrote my first monthly features for the new day job.
Turned 26. Began writing defence news stories for a new (out of office hours) web project. Christmas in Yarm - first visit since March.

Aims for 2011:

  • Progress towards RNR commission;
  • Take driving lessons and pass my test;
  • Do more exercise;
  • Take a proper holiday.

That felt worthwhile, if only for my own benefit. I might repeat the exercise for 2011.

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  1. Today I passed my driving test, so while I didn't quite manage it in 2011, I did eventually reach my aim! The other stuff ticked got off too! D