Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas reading list

The nights are drawing in and evenings curled up in cosy armchairs beckon, so having a good book to read takes on greater importance during the winter months. On the basis that I usually read on average one (or at most two) per month, I now have a considerable backlog that should  keep me occupied through the Christmas holiday period and well into the New Year. Still, what could be more fun? Some of these I freely confess I picked up because it annoys me that they represent irksome gaps in my literary knowledge (Catch 22, Fear and LoathingThe Great Gatsby); others I bought on whims a while back and are simply overdue some attention (The End of the Party, The Third Man); while I've picked up a couple of these via other media (I loved this year's movie adaptation of Tinker Tailor starring Gary Oldman, I read the rave reviews of The Sense of an Ending, and watching HBO's superb mini-series The Pacific led me to Eugene Sledge's memoir With the Old Breed).

PS. Placing Tinker Tailor next to Mandy's Third Man was not a deliberate Cold War / spy pun.

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  1. Don't be deceived by the length (shortness?) of the Barnes - you'll need to read it twice to understand it!