Thursday, 1 December 2011

Badass: X-47B Stealth UAV

On an unashamedly aesthetic level, how f*cking bad-ass does this machine look? Grumman Northrop, an American defence manufacturer, this week announced the first test flight of its second prototype X-47B unmanned stealth fighter. The mean-looking stealth combat UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, or just "drone" to journalists) is being developed for the US Navy. Soon to operate from an aircraft carrier near you...

Photo from the press release @

UPDATE: More UAV porn! I want to know when BAE will catch up and get it's "Taranis" flying. 2012? It looks pretty similar to the X-47B. It isn't clear whether they want to use it as the basis for an actual production UAV or just as a test-bed for future projects. Something tells me that ambiguity could have something to do with the UK MoD being so strapped for cash.

The below photo is downloadable from the BAE website @

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