Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Purity of Essence: The French Election

Monstrous: Have you ever seen Francois Hollande drink a glass of water?
Is there anything more depressing than a French election? This time: who is the biggest Socialist; who can flirt better with Fascists?
Nicolas Sarkozy's time in the Élysée has revealed him as little more than a left-of-centrist in Bonapartist clothing, failing to deliver needed liberalising reforms, crying crude populism, and touting the statist French model, which hasn't balanced its books since 1974.
Unremarkable leftwing favourite and René Artois lookalike Francois Hollande now looks like winning. In times of economic peril, while voters around Europe seek the fiscal responsibility of Conservatives, of course you can rely on contrarian France to select a Socialist in Socialist's clothing.
So, accepting the likelihood that this in-plain-view lefty will become the next President of France, escalating the odds of a Doomsday blow-up of the Eurozone Crisis, I would like to restate my views on Socialism and Water Fluoridation.

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