Friday, 7 June 2013

Norway's ship-killing missile video

This is an awesome clip. That's probably as profound as I'm going to get with this particular blog post. Norway's navy has tested an anti-ship missile by destroying one of its old frigates in dramatic style. Here's the video.

The ship on the receiving end is the KNM Trondheim, which was built in the '60s and was retired from Royal Norwegian Navy service several years ago. Her lines remind me of WWII era warships with the rake of her bow, that funnel and clutter amidships. 

The Naval Strike Missile / Joint Strike Missile, from defence firm Kongsberg, is planned for use on warships and also in the air-to-surface role from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, once that troublesome plane is eventually delivered. The missile reportedly has a range of 100 miles and packs 275 pounds of high explosive punch.

Impressive stuff, although from a Brit's viewpoint it sends a shiver as it is an uncomfortable reminder of the catastrophic damage missiles can wreak, and did wreak, in the case of Exocets in the Falklands war (see vid below). Oh well, there you go, if not profound, a least a pause for thought.

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